Thursday, 31 July 2008

Im on a roll

I can't believe how long I went without making any jewellery , I forgot how much satisfaction I got from it, after being woken up at a un godly hour by the most vocal cat ever Marble, he is half Bengal and apparently that is one of there traits, I love his vocalness just not at stupid o'clock in the morning lol. Anyway after being woke up by him I decided to get yesterdays goodies photographed :0). Now iv gotta get the kids up and of to swimming :0).

Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Disc Cutter

I brought a Indian disc cutter from a well know jewellery tools site, what a mistake, not only do u have to hit the thing 500 times to get the got dam disc out , but they come out all mangled and with rims on, so I ring up to complain only to be told not only do I have to pay postage to send the thing back, and its heavy, but they will inspect it and if they think I have damaged it, I havnt its just rubbish, they will not refund me. Are they taking the mickey or what. Word of advise don't buy a Indian cutter spend the extra money and buy the more expensive ones :0(.

Thursday, 24 July 2008


I hate Thursdays all 3 of my little treasures have swimming lessons on a Thursday , feel like I might as well set up camp in the leisure centre. One of my cat's brought me in a lovely present today, willow came in and dumped a dead vole right in front of my sofa , don't you just love cats. Gonna try and get some painting done in between the swimming lessons .

Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Todays Creations

Iv also changed my picture style, I used to do the natural looking type pics, but then went with the white background, the white looked fantastic when it was right , but was so dam hard to get it right , so for a easy life iv gone back to natural, its actually the tiles from my kitchen floor that we have just had done :0), Krista x

Monday, 21 July 2008

Its been a while

Well that's a bit of a understatement really, and not much has happened really we have a new cat Willow who I found at 5 weeks old crying outside my house ,so we took her in, and a new Guinea pig Lester who was brought for Kelsey's birthday, a bad idea really as I wasn't supposed to buy him, and I think my husband has finally just about forgiven me lol. Iv been working on the house still no where near done, but its starting to look a bit better lol. Apart from that iv just been being a busy mum, I seem to be forever driving the kids here or there , what I wouldn't give, for 5 mins to myself lol.