Sunday, 26 October 2008


I was tagged by Caroline, this means I have to tell u 7 things about myself, im then sopposed to tagg someone else, but everyone has already been tagged.

1) My fav animal is elephants love them
2) I wanted to be a vet when I grew up
3) My dream is to go to Africa on safari
4) Im fascinated by tribes and all things tribal
5) I love roast dinners, quiche and potato salad (homemade)
6) I really want to get some chickens, but can't because my deeds forbid it :0(
7) I daydream constantly


After lots of nagging my husband finally sent me some pics of him in the falklands, iv changed one to black and white, and I need to get a frame, so I can put it besides my bed, very soppy I know, but who care's. On the downside my car failed its mot :0(, gotta take it in tomorrow to be repaired.

Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Busy bee again.

I spent the weekend making jewellery:0), its been a while again, so was great to get into it, now I want to make jewellery all week but have had to stop myself to sort my house out :0(. I m half way through a magdelia tut so really want to get that piece finished . Im really getting back into wire work again, :0), Iv even been making flowers out of silver wire to wrap around a pendant,a bit of a experiment . My husband has been gone 6 weeks now and im seriously beginning to feel like a single parent, a mothers work is never done lol, Krista x