Wednesday, 11 March 2009

For my Mum

I managed to melt 3 out of 2 bezels aghhh !

Tuesday, 30 December 2008

If anyone is still reading

If anyone is wondering where I have gone, well iv kinda turned into a bit of a fitness freak, iv been doing resistance training and really like it, being naturally skinny if I do to much cardio, I end up looking like a pubescent boy, but iv discovered with weights you can actually shape your body :0), Im doing routines out of a book called the body sculpting bible and would highly recommend it. Iv decided to take a bit of a back step with making jewellery my shop will still be open and I will be still be making jewellery from time to time. The thing is my new house is just to small , to be doing it all the time , really I need a dedicated space and now the house market has crashed we can't sell up :0(. Im also thinking of selling all my lampwork stuff if anyone know anyone that wants to start up? The good news is, my husband is back in two weeks. Im so excited, im like a teenager with a schoolgirl crush hehe.

Sunday, 26 October 2008


I was tagged by Caroline, this means I have to tell u 7 things about myself, im then sopposed to tagg someone else, but everyone has already been tagged.

1) My fav animal is elephants love them
2) I wanted to be a vet when I grew up
3) My dream is to go to Africa on safari
4) Im fascinated by tribes and all things tribal
5) I love roast dinners, quiche and potato salad (homemade)
6) I really want to get some chickens, but can't because my deeds forbid it :0(
7) I daydream constantly


After lots of nagging my husband finally sent me some pics of him in the falklands, iv changed one to black and white, and I need to get a frame, so I can put it besides my bed, very soppy I know, but who care's. On the downside my car failed its mot :0(, gotta take it in tomorrow to be repaired.

Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Busy bee again.

I spent the weekend making jewellery:0), its been a while again, so was great to get into it, now I want to make jewellery all week but have had to stop myself to sort my house out :0(. I m half way through a magdelia tut so really want to get that piece finished . Im really getting back into wire work again, :0), Iv even been making flowers out of silver wire to wrap around a pendant,a bit of a experiment . My husband has been gone 6 weeks now and im seriously beginning to feel like a single parent, a mothers work is never done lol, Krista x

Tuesday, 23 September 2008

A trip to the farm

So Sunday I took the kids and there friend to the farm, they loved it Kieran seemed particularly amused by the piglets and a good day was had by all , its just a shame it cost so much , or I would take them every week. Today we went to the dentist, I had to have my first ever filling , was rather worried after my husband telling me u tend to end up drooling everywhere but there was no drooling and really it was a piece a cake :0). Telisa had 2 have a tooth out bless her, im dead proud of her , I could see her clenching her fist but she didn't cry, bless her little heart :0)

Tuesday, 16 September 2008

It arrived

Well my tank arrived and iv set it up, the water is still cloudy at the mo, it take a while for the filter to make it crystal clear :0) The dogs r in my bad books, I made some hotdogs for the kids and they stole them of the side when I wasn't looking Grrrr! im not a happy bunny!