Tuesday, 30 December 2008

If anyone is still reading

If anyone is wondering where I have gone, well iv kinda turned into a bit of a fitness freak, iv been doing resistance training and really like it, being naturally skinny if I do to much cardio, I end up looking like a pubescent boy, but iv discovered with weights you can actually shape your body :0), Im doing routines out of a book called the body sculpting bible and would highly recommend it. Iv decided to take a bit of a back step with making jewellery my shop will still be open and I will be still be making jewellery from time to time. The thing is my new house is just to small , to be doing it all the time , really I need a dedicated space and now the house market has crashed we can't sell up :0(. Im also thinking of selling all my lampwork stuff if anyone know anyone that wants to start up? The good news is, my husband is back in two weeks. Im so excited, im like a teenager with a schoolgirl crush hehe.

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