Tuesday, 16 September 2008

It arrived

Well my tank arrived and iv set it up, the water is still cloudy at the mo, it take a while for the filter to make it crystal clear :0) The dogs r in my bad books, I made some hotdogs for the kids and they stole them of the side when I wasn't looking Grrrr! im not a happy bunny!


Crafted Gems said...

it looks so pretty, i was drooling over these today but we got a tank called a fishbox instead. The little one choose it, we're just waitting for it to settle before we ge the fish

Krista said...

Cool , not sure what a fishbox looks like is it tropical or coldwater, one thing iv found is its good to do a little research and know what fish u want before going to the petshop as often they will let u buy fish that arn't suitable and then they just die :0(