Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Busy bee again.

I spent the weekend making jewellery:0), its been a while again, so was great to get into it, now I want to make jewellery all week but have had to stop myself to sort my house out :0(. I m half way through a magdelia tut so really want to get that piece finished . Im really getting back into wire work again, :0), Iv even been making flowers out of silver wire to wrap around a pendant,a bit of a experiment . My husband has been gone 6 weeks now and im seriously beginning to feel like a single parent, a mothers work is never done lol, Krista x


Gemheaven said...

Ohhh gorgeous pieces Krista!

Crafted Gems said...

wow those are stunning

Tina said...

Hey Krista,

Love your jewellery. Sorry to hear about your car...hope it is not too expensive to fix.


Krista said...

Thanks guys :0)

Anonymous said...

Your work is exquisite, love your wire wrapping!