Friday, 19 October 2007

The Fish


Ankhesenamen said...

Yay fish! lol. Which one's Jayne? lol

Krista said...

You don't ask much do you Jayne, i'll try take a pic or show you when you visit, as pointing Jayne out on there will be a impossible task. I now have some snails, Tyrone knew I wanted some shrimp and went to the pet shop to buy some, I think he was trying to make me feel better about my accident, thing is they gave him trumpet snails and told him they were shrimps haha. The silly fool payed £2 each for them to lol. looks like the fish have eaten all the babies except one, although im pretty sure the other guppy is about to give birth lol.

Ankhesenamen said...

Haha sorry, just wondered lol.

Aww poor babies getting eaten, my Dads fish do that as well. At least it wont cost you much in fish food at this rate lol.

Haha you've got snails as well now. You'll have a zoo soon! lol.


Krista said...

Its certainly heading that way, Tyrone told me yesterday when I got Marble thats the last pet, of course I agreed (evil grin ) haha, now are you sure you still don't want any baby fish, cause I have some more :0(, Krista x