Thursday, 18 October 2007


You may have noticed my site is down, well after several post going back and forth with my host it turns out its not them but my domain that is the problem, despite my domain being registered until 2009 it has been suspended, so im waiting to hear from the people who my domain is registered with who incidentaly isn't my host like I thought, ever felt like your banging your head against a brick wall ? Grrr, Krista x


Ankhesenamen said...

Yeah I noticed your site was down a week or two ago and wondered what happened. Aww what a pain eh. Is your domain not registered with Nominet? I thought they all were???? lol. Hope you get it sorted out soon!


Jayne xx

Krista said...

Apparently according to my host who have been looking into it for me ,its registered with this company, still not heard a thing :0(, Krista x

Ankhesenamen said...

Just did a quick whois search on your name and it does look like thats who it's registered with. It's still got you down as living in cyprus though so I hope they havent responded to your old email addy? Just a thought anyway :/ Hope you hear something soon xx